May 7, 2009

lugj logo from the desert

What is the recipe of success for a lug?
Though sounds like a business venture, but it is not, its simply our good old linux users group which specially "we", are trying to nurture and grow in a small place called jaipur, right in the middle of the indian desert and the state called rajasthan, Which BTW hosts more than 4 gsoc 2009 (if I'm not wrong) students. Can we even computer hardware at temperatures above 45C with no air-conditioning?, well certainly we can and that is a different topic of discussion rather.
But what we have for the time being achieved is that form a linux users group jaipur which we unanimously (not that unanimous though, i can still hear some teeth crunching) decided to call LUGJ. We were all happy with our little achievement but then the sudden thought of the future puzzled us. Not everything has answers so we went to celebrate with some beers what we have at the moment and think about the future after some beers when the mind is clearer like a sunny day.
And that (the beer thing) some how sparked the imaginative nuerons in a lug member's head (udit sharma) and he started to work on the lugj logo design. And later, another lug member (jay pandya) trying to give more graphical looks to the previous one, came out with something we dint have to approve of, it was destined to be our logo, it was that obvious. And we named it the "tux-banna", where banna stands for the "rajput boy" where rajput can be googled.


Later the imagination of lug-members (only jay I mean) gave tux-banna innovative and discreet looks and here is one which is good. In the background is a famous monument of historical importance in jaipur.

And after the logo we have been considerably more active and have come out with lugj's website but it's still been given some final touches and will be up by tomorrow I hope.
We hope this lug doesnt get buried under the sand of thar and shine with our tux-banna.


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