May 12, 2009

Lug-Jaipur organizing FOSJAM

What is this Universe ?
From what it arises ?
Into what does it go ?
In freedom it arises, In freedom it rests
And into freedom it melts away.
..From Upanishads

FOSJAM is the celebration of the very essence, of the universe we are all part of i.e. freedom. It is a gathering, for everyone who believes in the Free and Open Source Movement, which is again a celebration of freedom. It is also a gathering, for anyone who wants to understand the Free and Open Source Movement, which is more over, a way of life. The event aims to grow awareness for the same cause in the city of Jaipur and in India.

What is Freedom

The event will showcase workshops by free software developers in India, who have been an actively contributing to the open source community for a long time now. Talks would range from technical stuff to basic, suiting a wide range of audience. Event will also host a hackfest, for programmers to get their hands dirty and play around with the code for the purpose of learning, fixing bugs, writing patches or maybe develop a module or a plugin.
It is been organized by Linux Users Group Jaipur ( LUGJ ) in co-ordintion with Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center (JECRC). We are thankful to JECRC for providing the venue and infrastructure for the event.

In all respects FOSJAM is an event organized by the community for the community. Anyone is free to come and join the celebration of freedom.


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