Jun 13, 2009

LUGJ meeting

Here we are in MNIT seminar hall with 4 ACs running at 17C !!
Woah, what is that, yes, I am right in the middle of Rajasthan where temperature is over 45C but thanks to MNIT (Malviya National Institute of Technology) professor Mr. Gaur who supports free and open source software and was happy to give LUGJ linux users group jaipur a place to hold meetings and a 3rd year mnit student lalith suresh who told him about lug and convinced him to do so.

Lug members present at the meet listening to deependra singh talking about HoneyD, attendance was around 30.
And here we are, having our 2nd lugj meeting after fosjam.
Meeting started with lalith talking on pytgk, introducing what gtk is and how easy it is to make a GUI application with, mostly catering to the newbee crowd as we thought this might be quite helpful to all, as students who are having summer holidays could use it to do some project or something. It turned out quite good as students got to know how easy it is to design a GUI with gtk and soon people started comparing it with java and you can assume what happened there-after.
Lalith talking on wikipedia, seems like no pictures were clicked during the pygtk session, photographer seemed busy learning himself. And I can be seen in the background.
With some basic code implementation and practices, we switched to brainstorming on wikipedia but I guess we were pretty short of brainstorming ideas and had to introduce to people how to make account and stuff like how to add/edit pages/content on wiki etc, so it turned out more of an introduction to wiki rather than brainstorming on that. So we quickly switched to "What are you doing this your summer", thought the session was not planned at first but seemed more like a need of the time, and we soon had many students sharing their ideas/projects they are doing in the summer. Some are making a LAN chat client, discussed their ideas and took some important suggestions on the same. Some are making some kind of web portal and embed video conferencing etc, dont exactly remember what it was though.
Lug members (deependra singh) could not hide their feelings for the lug, as it requires more active contributions from the community, so he showed this on the projector screen to everyone. Though the foss awareness is growing in jaipur since our inception but participation is need for usual lug tasks.
Enough of chit chatting, we then moved to dominos to get some grub in and ate our hearts out. And it has more or less become a custom to goto dominos after almost every meet, because there are guys who get out of their hackerdomes only when there is a meet-up so rather it is more than refreshing to spend around 5 hrs with each other on a lug meet.
Talking freedom ( at dominos.
I havent been able to blog since quite some time now. but will follow up all the good changes in this part of the world that we are bringing here.


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